One Page Websites and their SEO Friendly

parallax scrolling website is a fancy name for a one page website. Instead of designing your website on multiple pages, all of the content exists on a long, single page for visitors to scroll through. 

Parallax Website Advantages

You Control the Flow of Information

Visitors Take a Journey

A Little Bit of Text Goes a Long Way

Great for Mobile Use

They’re Unique!

Images Everywhere

Parallax Website Disadvantages

Not Great for Blog-Centered Websites

Requires Visitors to Scroll…A Lot

Longer Load Time

Sharing Specific Content is Difficult

Hard to Understand Engagement Points

Not Great for SEO

Each page of a website can be optimized for different keywords. Since there’s a limited number of keywords you can target on a single page of a website, a downfall of one page sites is that you can’t target as many keywords, which is not great for your SEO.

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