Top Words of Wisdom from #SMMW16 Speakers - San Diego, California.

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Top Words of Wisdom from #SMMW16 Speakers

“If you want your content to be great, ask influencers to participate!” @leeodden #SMMW16
“Platforms change slowly. Strategies change quickly.” @markwschaefer #SMMW16
“The simple nature of questioning and shifting perspective allows innovation to happen.” @briansolis #SMMW16
“Always start with strategic intent. Think about how you can repurpose your Facebook live videos.” @MariSmith #SMMW16
“Tone of voice is your gutsiest, bravest asset. It is vastly undervalued.” @annhandley #SMMW16
“Find a niche where you can be the leading expert in the world.” @joepulizzi #SMMW16
“Advance your brand without talking about your brand.” @timwasher #SMMW16

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