Trending SEO Technique in 2016

Trending SEO Technique in 2016

1) Using structure tags for mobile support
2) Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 
3) Real Time Panda Algorithm 
4) bigger knowledge graph for google
5) Deep links will become highly important
6) Local search to become more relevant
7) The popularity of voice search
8) Unethical and negative SEO practices will not be qualified
9) Content curation will replace content aggregation
10) High Quality Content
11) Higher Google ranks no longer mean more organic clicks 
12) Rich answers are on the increase — that's both a threat and an opportunity 
13) Page speed is utterly important — optimize it today, don't put it off till tomorrow 
14) Tracking your organic traffic with Google Analytics gets even more difficult
15) Keywords are neither dead nor dying — they are still the basis of your SEO campaign 
16) Even if user behavior isn't a ranking factor yet, it will surely be one soon 
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