Do you use google tag manager tool !

Reasons to start using google tag manager tool

Future-proof your website: Upgrading to Universal Analytics may be a time taking or difficulty if you have to do a lot of code swapping, page modifications, etc. Instead, use Google Tag Manager to make the gradual switch to Universal Analytics, testing as you go for Implementing, but it will do much simpler since modifications can be made through Google Tag Manager  and not through each page of your website.

Flexibility: Google Tag Manager is great for marketers as they don’t need to involve a developer with every single little tweak to simple Tags. This frees up time for developers to focus on larger projects. Conversely, developers and IT staff will love G Tag Manager for the robust features listed below and the extreme customization. Who will benefit from Google Tag Manager the most will depend on your website and the complexity of the tasks you hope to achieve.

Debug Options: Making sure that your Tags works BEFORE you publish them to the live site is really, really important. Google Tag Manager  has a built-in debug feature which allows you to personally test and debug each update in your browser on your actual site before publishing the change.

User Permissions: Google Tag Manager allows you to set permissions for individual users that include view, edit, and publish. 

Built-In Tags: Google Tag Manager has included tags for classic and Universal Analytics, AdWords conversions, remarketing, as well as other popular ad networks. This is extremely helpful to marketers just starting with Google Tag Manager  and who do not have much coding experience.  These allow you to customize the tags with just a few pieces of information and without the complication of implementing code.

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